Over the years, Lake Charles has been one of the top spots to catch the best Speckled Seatrout, or simply Speckled Trout. These estuarine fish are very common to Louisiana and the southern United States, especially close to the Gulf of Mexico – which is connected directly to Lake Charles via a 40-mile long channel.

Where to Look

These fish can be found anywhere from freshwater to full saltwater and are highly abundant within the Lake Charles area, especially during the Fall and Winter months.

When the water temperature drops to 74° in the Fall, this is when Speckled Trout come out to feed. Since fish do not like cold water, they chase shrimp and feed in large groups as a way to prepare for the winter months – when they’re less likely to go searching for food.

When the water is warm, you’ll likely find these fish feeding in shallow waters where the sun’s heat can easily reach. Many fishers have seen success when they use the birds as a guide to the Speckled Trout’s location.

Once the water drops to 53° and below, they start to feed less actively and dive into deeper waters to find both warmth and protection. Down here, these fish will find a lot of oysters and aquatic grass to protect them from predators, but it is also the place where their winter meals come – demersal finfish such as minnows and cocahoes.


The most effective lures for Speckled Trout are often the Topwaters. Using these with a walk-the-dog motion seems to do the trick, usually scoring a bite on the paused motions.


As we touched on before, Specked Trout feast on shrimp in the Fall and so, live white shrimp is the best option to go with, especially during the Fall season. Other successful options for bait include cocahoes and storm minnows since this is their main source of food during the Winter season.

Good Luck!

Ready to get out there and catch some Speckled Trout this season? Lake Charles Tackle is here to provide you with all the equipment and bait you need to be successful! It is always best practice to read up on the state laws and regulations before fishing.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 337-479-2999 or email us on our website. Otherwise, the store is open for business, so feel free to drop by.


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