Duck hunting season is almost upon us, and if you want to be successful at it a little planning can go a long way. While most hunters are well-equipped with a high-quality shotgun and plenty of shells, there are some additional items you’ll want to have with you. From warm clothes, to essential tools, and a few random things in between, here is a list of items you will want to bring along on your next hunting trip.

Hunting Gear Optics

Optics are essential for any hunter and include a wide range of products from sights and scopes, to binoculars and more. We have written on these topics before both for choosing the right scope for your rifle and tips for bore sighting your rifle, or getting help from Lake Charles in doing so. Whatever your optic needs, we can help you find or maintain the right products.

Best Duck Hunting Decoys

An excellent decoy can go a long way to provide a smooth experience. Be sure to choose a decoy that is native to the local area. Consider the size, too, because an oversized decoy is likely to be visible to the birds flying across.

Getting the Right Clothing

When out hunting, staying dry and warm are key to staying out longer and having a more enjoyable hunting experience. Lacrosse Footwear Big Chief boots are perfect for those hunting trips that require a little extra weatherproofing! Built with a chevron cleated outsole and an internal adjustable secure fit, these 100% waterproof boots provide excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

For warmth, the Delta Wading Jackets are sure to keep your loved one toasty and dry while out hunting waterfowl. The GORE Pro Shell fabric is the lightest and most durable and breathable textile. These jackets also feature quiet magnetic closure pockets and come in multiple styles and sizes.

Duck Hunting Firearms and Ammo

Most seasoned duck hunters already have firearms, but for those looking to try something new, we have a few products that we frequently recommend. One of our favorites and one of the most popular with hunters everywhere is the Beretta model A400 Xtreme Plus. It includes Beretta’s Blink cycling system, which uses a split-ring valve to seal the gas cylinder more tightly, thereby cycling the bolt about 36% faster than other systems. With the Blink system, you can fire five rounds in less than one second, making it harder for the ducks to react.

Another duck gun is the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, one of the most popular inertia driven shotguns on the market. Inertia driven means that the recoil is driven by a small but powerful inertia spring that gets compressed and released to drive the bolt back. Since this system works reliably without a gas tube, inertia driven systems are often lighter than gas-operated guns. Benelli shotguns also shoot a little high by design, to allow the shooter to aim by floating the target.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Best Gear for Duck Hunting

While this article covered the gear most people think to bring on their hunting excursions, our next article will cover all of the random essentials that can help your day go more smoothly. If you need help prepping for hunting season, we have got all of your needs covered.

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