Proper preparation is vital when it comes to waterfowl hunting. If you’re prepping for your next goose hunt, it is important to ensure that you have the right goose hunting gear in place—from clothes and apparel to equipment and outerwear protective gear. Fortunately, Lake Charles Tackle offers everything you’ll need for your goose hunting mission.

While various situations call for different gear, it helps not to forget the most crucial hunting gear to avoid frustrations. Here is the ultimate goose hunter’s checklist:

Guns and Ammo

At Lake Charles Tackle, we offer the most in-demand firearms and accessories for hunting. Many 12-gauge shotguns are ideal for goose hunting, so select a camouflage and pump-action rifle that complements your surroundings.

Since goose hunting won’t require you to carry the gun on your shoulder unless the bird is on the ground, you may opt for a heavier gun. When choosing ammo, avoid the lead shot and find ammo with non-toxic pallets like steel, Bismuth, or Tungsten.

Waterproof Apparel

Unlike other outdoor excursions, goose hunting requires extensive waterproofing. That means you should have waterproof apparel at hand and ensure the seams and patching are free of holes. Waterproof gloves, waders, waterproof jackets, and boots should all be designed to lock out moisture. You should also choose warm fabrics and dress in layers during cold weather. Additionally, don’t forget to pack extra clothes to ensure a dry drive back home after your hunt.

Decoys and Calls

Well-thought-out and practiced calls are vital tools for any waterfowl hunting. You will need to pick calls that match the goose hunt to ensure you utilize the opportunity if it presents itself. On the other hand, an excellent decoy spread can go a long way to provide a smooth experience. Be sure to choose a decoy that is native to the local area to get the geese down from the air. Consider the size, too, because an oversized decoy is likely to be visible to the birds flying across.


Select blinds that blend with the local foliage to ensure you are fully camouflaged. Whether you go for a boat blind, chair blind, or layout blind, ensure you match it with the local terrain to prevent it from being noticeable by the incoming goose.

Buy Top-Quality Goose Hunting Gear from Lake Charles Tackle

Planning for your next goose hunt? Whether you’re an enthusiast goose gunner or casual hunter, you need the right gear to make your hunt a success. Shop your favorite gear with Lake Charles Tackle now to take your hunting experience a notch higher. You can also contact us online or call us at 337-479-2999 for inquiries.

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