Fishing families know the struggle. You want to take the kids out fishing to give them a life-long memory, but finding the right sized gear is often difficult. Having the proper gear is super important when it comes to children and that’s why Lake Charles Tackle is excited to announce that we now have Youth Waders in stock!┬áNow that your little ones will be ready to head out to the waters with you, here are 5 tips for fishing with kids.

Plan with Kids in Mind

Any parent knows just how unpredictable children can be and so it is important to keep that in mind. The most important thing you will want to keep in mind is bathroom access. Kids are notorious for having to go at the least convenient moments, so keep this in mind!

You will also want to make sure to find a spot with plenty of room for your kid to cast. It will most likely take them a few tries to get it right and you want to avoid any potential accidents during the process.

Use this map to find the fishing places in your area!

Target Easy Fish when Fishing with Kids

Everyone loves catching big fish, but children love catching any fish. Don’t target trophy-sized fish when out with the kids. Chances are they won’t be able to reel them in and they might leave disappointed. Instead, focus on something simple. Fish that have large populations and actively feed are going to be your best bet.

Secure the Life Jackets

No matter your age, you should always wear a life jacket when fishing – even from the shore. We cannot stress this enough when it comes to children. You will want to make sure that your child is wearing one fit for their age, weight, and height. And that they are properly secured in their jacket when fishing.

Don’t Forget the Snacks!

Hungry kids do not make for a fun trip, everyone knows that. So when heading out for a day of fishing, be sure to pack plenty of snacks for your children. We recommend getting something that is relatively mess-free and easy to eat while on the go. Leave behind things that require utensils and opt for something easy like granola bars or chips.

Include Fun Activities

It’s no secret that fishing isn’t always an active sport. There is a lot of patience and waiting that goes into it. You’ll want to be sure that you can come up with some activities to keep them occupied while waiting. You can teach them about different kinds of fish in the area or bring a deck of cards to play a game of go-fish!

You’ll also want to keep in mind that they might lose interest in catching fish after a bit of time. Don’t worry, heading home isn’t your only option. If you’re fishing from shore, try encouraging them to collect rocks or shells. The possibilities are endless.

Go Prepared for Fishing with Kids

Like any other fishing trip, you’ll want to have plenty of gear with you. Kids should be dressed properly, so come in and check out Lake Charles Tackle’s selection of kids gear including our brand new Youth Waders!

We also have plenty of bait, lure, and rod options to make your fishing trip with the kids a success!

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