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Battle of the Bands Winner Announced

If you’re here for the first time, we have been having our Battle of the Bands contest all duck season long here in Southwest Louisiana and tonight we find out who the winner of the Sitka Hudson Suit is. We also added a youth division this year and so one lucky winner is announced here as well.

Here’s the breakdown of our entries this year:

  • 2 Mallards from Wisconsin and Louisiana
  • 5 Model Ducks that were all banded in Louisiana
  • 1 Speckle Belly from Canada
  • 1 Lesser Scope banded in Illinois

For anyone who doesn’t know what our Battle of the Bands contest is, let us explain. It’s basically a contest we hold every year to collect data to show us how many bands get killed in the area. It also helps us track where these birds are coming from and this helps us give you some light at that.

Plus it’s a fundraiser for all of the local high school fishing teams. So it’s for a great cause – the junior bass club and 4h shooting.

New Store Affiliates

In this podcast, we also discuss what is new in the store! We just teamed up with a local company (RX Baits) to help keep your supply of baits up with everything going on in the world!

They have very consistent baits, their colors look great, and it’s always nice to have local guys who know what is working around here. So we’re excited to get the chance to work with them and add some different things to the store.

Ammo Updates in the Podcast

The ammo shortage everyone is experiencing is also talked about. We tell you a little about what to expect in the upcoming months!

Tune in for Fishing Reports

This episode is full of info on our local fisheries and what baits have been doing the trick for our southwest anglers both fresh and saltwater!

One of our own, Jeff, brings us the fishing report that you’ll want to hear if you are an angler in the area and want to get the inside scoop on what’s going on!

Here are the topics he touches on:

  • Saltwater fishing on Big Lake and Prion Lake
  • The best trout fishing places we’ve been hearing of
  • Where the redfish have been really strong
  • Flounder fishing spots

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