Lake Charles Tackle offers a variety of products to help make sure you bring home the biggest birds from the field. But a hunt can only be as good as the load you use to shoot with. To make sure that you’re prepared for your next turkey hunting trip, we’ve compiled a list of our top 4 best turkey loads. These are sure to take your turkey hunting game to the next leve.

Winchester Long Beard XR

If you’re looking for a load with high velocity and advanced technology, Winchester has you covered.

This load is a game-changer when it comes to turkey hunting. It has knockdown power that is amazingly strong and a long shot capability. 


  • Shot-Lok technology for strong performance
  • Great for distances up to 60 yards
  • Twice the pellets in a 10″ circle out to 60 yards 

Federal Premium 3rd Degree

Federal Premium 3rd Degree

Another load that is highly recommended is this Federal Premium Bismuth load. We love this load because of its tight patterns and deadly shot.

Federal designed this load to have high performance without the heavy metal. You don’t have to worry about leaving your favorite old shotgun behind with this load!


  • 3 stage payload for optimal patterns
  • FLITECONTROL Flex to maximize flight characteristics
  • Deadly penetration from long distances

Browning BXD – TSS Tungsten Turkey

Anyone looking for a load that boasts hard-hitting and deep penetrations will love this one.

These loads have the densest shot available and are effective out to 70 yards so you never have to worry about your shot falling short.


  • Tungsten is nearly 60% denser than the other lead loads
  • The buffered payload improves shot flow and gives a more consistently tight pattern
  • High energy and 30% deeper penetration

Kent Ultimate Diamond Shot

Kent Ultimate Diamond Shot uses its own custom blend of powders and uniform pellets to maximize your knockdown power.

Any serious turkey hunter will find that this load is one of the best out there.


  • Uniform pellets and custom blended powders for enhanced knockdown power
  • Clean burning
  • Diamon Shot loads give a super hard shot to outperform the competitor

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