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After a tough year with COVID and hurricanes, we’re excited to bring you this new venture. We love our Lake Charles community and want to engage you in a new and exciting way. Through this podcast, we are excited to get personal and give you updates on the industry, the Lake Charles area, and our shop. You’ll get the inside scoop on fishing tips, lures, and gear as well as hunting gear, ammo, and guns.

The goal is for Lake Charles Podcast to be a trusted source of information in a changing industry. We hope you enjoy!

We Are Open

Lake Charles Tackle is open and thriving. We have many new marketing tactics coming your way including new and improved product videos, which we are very excited to share with you. New lures are in to help expand and perfect your tackle box.

We also have tons of new apparel and gear in stock! So if you’re looking for something new, check out the new additions.

Fishing Spots Report

In this episode, Jeff also gives a fishing report of what has been going on in our area. So if you’re interested in know which fishing spots are booming since the hurricane and which ones aren’t doing as well, he has you covered. 

Trout fishing on the Southend has been excellent and it seems that they are also moving up into Lake Charles as well this year. Jeff suggests soft plastics when using baits like Little Johns and Down South Lures. And some topwaters that have been successful as well. Jeff has a wealth of information in this episode, so don’t miss out on the inside fishing report!


We touch on the manufacturer updates in 2020 and 2021. Everyone’s wondering why certain items take longer to get made, are out of stock, or go quickly when in stock. There is a lot going on and there has been an influx of shopping in the industry – people deciding to take up fishing and hunting during the quarantine. It’s great seeing so many people joining this amazing industry. 

The best advice we can give is to be patient with the manufacturing companies and to continue checking back every day! Shipments come through all the time, but they do get snagged up pretty fast. So just be consistent with what you are looking for and keep looking. 

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