We’ve all been there before: Sitting on the boat with our lines cast in the water, waiting … waiting … waiting … and no trout ever bites. It’s a sad day when we go home empty-handed and an even sadder day when we realize the problem could have been solved simply by using better lures for trout. You ask yourself “Why spend time and money on lures that don’t work?”

You never want to find yourself in that situation again. And so, to help, we’ve put together our list of lures for trout fish. Here are the best lures for trout that you can try when fishing in Lake Charles, LA – whether it’s sunny or overcast, these lures will deliver your catch without fail!

Rebel Wee-Craw

One of our first go-to lures is the Rebel Wee-Craws. These lures have a unique swimming action that catches the fish’s eye every time. Their size and speed make them an excellent choice when fishing smaller streams or rivers where bigger baitfish would be less effective. This crankbait is super-realistic and imitates crawfish so well that it’s sure to get you a beautiful trout!

Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm Lure

One of our favorite fishing worms is Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm. These soft plastic imitators come in small packs that can be stored in your tackle box easily without taking up too much room – meaning you can bring a larger array of lures with you, or simply more of these worms!

They come in a number of colors, can be modified to fit the size of your jig, and can be used to catch more than just trout – if you’re interested!

Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue for Trout

The Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue is one of the community’s top-rated trolling lures, especially here in Lake Charles. This product also has an array of colors to test out. It has a nice, quick side-to-side action that mimics a real wounded minnow in the water. Making it an easy target for your trout – and an even easier trap for you!

This lure can be used during all times of the year from spring through fall, and is approved for anglers of all experience from professionals to novices!

Worden’s Original Rooster Tail Lure

For over a decade, fishermen in Louisiana and across the country have used Worden’s Original Rooster Tail when they want to catch fat, healthy brown and rainbow trout. Available in a wide range of colors, including salmon pink and silver holographic, these hand-tied rooster tails come in regular (3 1⁄2), mini (2 3⁄4) and micro (1 1⁄2) sizes.

The difference between them is body length—the smaller ones are designed for rigging on lightweight spinning tackle or ultralight drop shots—and price.

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