Anyone who fishes for bass knows both the joys and struggles of fishing in the winter. The cold weather and freezing equipment make for a challenge. But it’s also a great time to go fishing because the bass will go for a slower-moving bait. What bass lures should you keep in your winter tackle box? Here are our top 4 suggestions.


This is one of the most popular baits when it comes to winter bass fishing. Bass tend to move away from the banks during colder weather and so this lure is a great option.

Just cast your line and let the lure suspend in front of the bass. Eventually, they will become curious. Once the bass comes over, you can test out different methods of your retrieval. We recommend giving the lure a few twitches and then waiting. Determine your pause length on the water temperature – colder water, longer pause.

Jigging Spoon

A must have for any deep winter fisher, the jigging spoon should be a staple in your winter tackle box. The look of these lures attract bass easily. All you have to do is let it fish vertically over a school of them and then do a drop-hop motion until you get a bite. 

Blade Baits

These heavy metal baits do well in the winter because of how deep they are able to go. Since fish dive deeper during the winter months, you are going to be able to see great success when your lure is able to dive deep as well. These lures are able to catch fish that hang out in the 30-40 foot deep area.

If you’re aiming for 20 feet, then you’ll find success with a half-ounce lure. Anything deeper will see success with lures that are 3/4 ounce.

Drop Shot

You’ve probably heard that fishing with plastics when the water is cold is a waste of time. But that’s if you’re using the wrong lure. These lures can work like a charm when used correctly! Since the bass is tight during the winter, all you have to do is locate the fish, let it drop vertically, and sit for a while. For some added action you can move it slowly around floating objects or giving its tail a flick from time to time.


Stop By & Get Your Bass Lures

Lake Charles Bait and Tackle has a great selection of locally made lures ready for purchase! If you’re looking for the perfect additions to your winter tackle box, stop by and check out what we have! It’ll be a great time to take a look at all of our fishing gear as well. You might just find that rod you’ve always wanted or your new favorite shirt!

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