Louisiana Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags Information

Louisiana Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags Information

Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

Residents and nonresident hunters age 18 or older must have a Basic Hunting License to hunt, take, possess or transport any wild birds or quadrupeds (for which hunting is permitted and seasons are opened).

All youth (age 17 and younger) who are actively harvesting deer or turkey, participating in a lottery hunt, or trapping are required to have a Youth Hunting License. Youth who are spectating (not actively hunting) are not required to have a license.

Additional special licenses are required to hunt, take, possess, or transport deer, turkey, or migratory waterfowl.

Hunters must have licenses (or license numbers) and a physical form of identification on their person while hunting.

No person born on or after September 1, 1969, shall hunt unsupervised unless that person has been issued a certificate of satisfactory completion of a Hunter Education course approved by LDWF. Please see Mandatory Hunter Education for exceptions, requirements, and methods for taking approved hunter education courses. 

Licenses are available at special rates for seniors, military, students, and people with disabilities. Lifetime licenses are also available.

The following individuals are not required to have a hunting license:

  • Residents and nonresidents under age 18 (i.e. age 17 and under) who are hunting game animals besides deer or turkey or are spectators of another person hunting
  • Residents born before June 1, 1940 who have lived in Louisiana for 6 months.

However, these individuals must have proof of age in their possession whenever hunting.

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