About Us

Lake Charles Tackle is Excited to Share that We Have Moved to a NEW, Bigger, and Better Location!

While we loved our old home, we’re excited to announce that we have moved to a brand-new location and in a brand-new custom building. Don’t worry, it’s literally 2building down the street from our old location, so you don’t have to go too far to find us now! Not to mention there’s plenty of space to park!

We are excited to be able to give our customers a better shopping experience in this store. It’s brand-new and bigger, meaning we can keep more items in stock and spread things out in a way that makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for!


About Us

Lake Charles Tackle was originally created in 1993.  It was located on Common Street, moved to McNeese Street, back to Common Street and now to its newest location at 4959 Common Street.  It is a family owned and operated business.  Our staff consisted of local hunting and fishing enthusiast. The majority of our staff have been on a High School, Community College and College fishing team. We pride ourselves in having the friendliest and most Knowledgeable staff.  It's even in our Logo "Where Service is the Catch."

We believe that the youth are our future and what better way to support them than to sponsor our local High School, Community College & College fishing teams, Key Clubs, youth fishing teams, Calcasieu 4-H and many other youth sporting organizations in our area.