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Daiwa Lexa TWS 400

Daiwa Lexa TWS 400

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Complete with all of the features that made the Lexa a staple for lightweight heavy-duty performance, the battle-tested design of the Daiwa Lexa TWS 400 Casting Reel has been upgraded with Daiwa’s industry-leading T-Wing System and optimized with cutting-edge technology. The Lexa TWS 400 Casting Reel delivers longer more accurate casts by utilizing a T-shaped shaped line guide that allows line to exit the spool freely, creating minimal angle and friction, which in turn reduces line noise and backlashes. Constructed from a stainless-steel drive gear and pinion gear, aluminum frame and side plates, and an adjustable handle the Daiwa Lexa TWS 400 Casting Reel is built for maximum power and torque suitable for landing trophy largemouth or large saltwater predators.

Daiwa’s corrosion-resistant stainless-steel ball bearings are treated with a protective shield that seals out sand, fine grit, salt crystals, and other abrasives lasting up to twelve times longer than traditional bearings. Delivering ultra-smooth low inertia with ultimate fish stopping power, the Ultimate Tournament Drag combines advanced carbon washers, alloy, and stainless-steel drag plates with specially designed grease for ultra-smooth performance. Crafted to be 30-percent lighter and 17-percent more compact than the 400 HD Series Lexa, the Daiwa Lexa TWS 400 Casting Reel is a lightweight, heavy-duty, low-profile baitcasting reel in a class of its own.

- T-Wing System
- 80mm Adjustable Power Handle
- 43mm Deep Aluminum Spool
- Ultimate Tournament Drag System
- Aluminum Frame and Side Plate
- Stainless Pinion Gear
- Aluminum Star Drag
- Eight Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings


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